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GCAL Chatterbox - April 2020

Chatterbox - Edition 3 Volume 1

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Welcome to the latest edition of our Chatterbox Newsletter – the first edition published on our new website. “With finite resources, and nearly 60,000 firms to regulate, we’ve always had to make hard choices.” This was taken from the opening line of the recent FCA Business Plan 2020/2021 and these words resonate with the start to 2020 here at the Great Chatwell Academy of Learning. Except that we have slightly fewer business to support than 60,000….and we do not regulate businesses….I digress. It’s been a while since the last edition of the Chatterbox newsletter was published and we apologise for that, but we are hoping to close the gap with this update and we are now committed to producing them every eight weeks. Just enough to ensure we have something to say, and not too many that you become burdened by the reading. I hope this edition is helpful, informative, and punchy, and helps you to identify any developments that you missed have missed. If you haven’t already subscribed to automatically receive a copy and ensure you avoid the rather arbitrary LinkedIn process of dissemination, then please feel free to sign up below. We are not quite at 60,000 subscribers yet, but who knows, maybe by this time next year we will be close?

Great Chatwell Academy and the Law Society of Scotland – a winning combination!

We continue to enjoy the trust that our clients place upon us and in the support services we provide. During 2019 we have had the pleasure of working with some very well-known and trusted businesses and have taken immense pride in the feedback in our customised design and delivery.   It was an honour to have been invited by The Law Society of Scotland to design and deliver financial crime compliance learning in 2019 at a time when there is greater than ever scrutiny on the supervision of money laundering regulations. And it was therefore with huge relief that we delivered a tailored programme of learning on time and it appears to the satisfaction of the delegates who were invited by the LSS to the four-day programme.   We were thrilled and very proud of the following feedback that we have received from the LSS:
"We contracted GCAL to design a bespoke Legal Sector AML learning experience for us at LSS. Commitment from GCAL at design and scoping stage has been first class, materials have been interesting, highly relevant and informative, and Lee and Tom’s delivery on-site really kept the audience engaged. The feedback from attendees has been very positive – all in it’s been a pleasure working with the GCAL team."
If you would like to learn more about our tailored education design and delivery services click here:  Or contact our team to find out what we may be able to do for you and your team in 2020.  

Great Chatwell Academy invests in technology to enhance interaction and deliver results!

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"At GCAL we are taking classroom engagement and experiential learning to the next level" In 2019 our goal was to go that extra mile for our clients, bringing something different and innovative to the classroom. That was when we discovered the intuitive audience response system, combining speed, anonymity and accuracy whilst gathering performance data and keeping the audience focused and engaged. Twelve months on and we have been delighted with the response from our clients to the results for two main reasons: Firstly, anonymous voting by workshop attendees provokes honest responses which are unbiased. Whether measuring the results to technical questions or assessing the diversity of opinion our technology allows us to focus discussion on those subjects where the results indicate it is warranted, or where there is a healthy difference of opinion! Our audience response systems also offer an unprecedented level of interactivity between audience and speaker which in turn allows for far greater levels of engagement and interactivity, keeping delegates engaged and on track. Secondly, we are able to provide forensic analysis of delegate performance during and after sessions to help senior management to reward success and identify areas for further follow up and support. This is fundamental for any business that wishes to adopt a risk-based approach to training and has a limited budget that must be forensically allocated to those issues and employees that need it most. Contact Us for more details on how our audience response system can help your business.

Great Chatwell Academy continues to go from strength to strength with our loyal customers

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Watch an update from our founder and MD of the Academy, Lee Byrne - reflecting on the past 12 months but looking forward to exciting new products and services coming in 2020 and beyond.

Another year older but are we any wiser and what have we learned over the past 12 months?

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Well, there is no doubt that we wouldn’t have achieved our continued growth and success without the generous help and support from our associates and loyal clients, who are such an important part of the Great Chatwell Academy of Learning story. So, on behalf of everyone at Great Chatwell, let me first say a very simple but heartfelt and sincere, “thank you!” It hasn’t always been easy, but with a continuing commitment to care and excellence, and not to mention many long hours,  we have stayed focussed and true to our convictions. Our aim is to engage, inform and inspire those that we work with, and to provide our clients with a memorable and outstanding service that they take pride and comfort from. We will never be content with just being good. We are always looking to improve and over the past year, we have continued to grow our proposition by working with other trusted professionals who are experts in their field and who share our commitment to excellence. We identified ManchesterCF as our preferred provider for advanced online e-learning and we have developed an outstanding programme of personal communication skills development for financial crime professionals with Amaze Training. We believe that by providing engaging learning and helping professionals to be more effective in implementing and communicating change, then we will make a difference in the fight against crime and terrorism. In June we moved to our new offices and we also rolled out new technology in our workshops. This supports even greater engagement and interactivity for delegates, whilst providing insightful management information about individual learning needs and achievements to senior management. We believe that we are the only learning provider that is providing this support from workshops and our clients are now able to strategically identify those learning intervention requirements that will make a real difference to their success. Later this year other courses will be announced and will include an advanced trade-based financial crime compliance workshop for risk professionals and experienced trade services professionals and we will shortly be inviting firms to talk to us as we will be providing a very exciting customised e-learning programme for firms that want a fully tailored programme of workshop training and e-learning.
And finally, as the MD and founder of the Academy, I would just like to publicly express my personal gratitude to my team who are so hardworking and dedicated to supporting Great Chatwell and our clients to be successful. It is never taken for granted. This year couldn’t have happened without you.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”                            (James Cash Penney) 

Be Amazed with Great Chatwell Academy of Learning

Amazing Great Chatwell Academy Great Chatwell Academy of Learning is delighted to announce that we are collaborating with the Amaze Training to bring you a new and exciting set of skills to enhance and transform your workforce into confident, results-driven and customer-focused teams, who are open to change and new opportunities. We will offer a unique, tailored package of risk and compliance training supported by a range of soft skills courses that ensures all learning is fully embedded and seamlessly transferred into the workplace.   It is important that employees at all levels are able to confidently apply the learning into their individual role.  Learning is often lost due to the lack of support in embedding and applying the knowledge once back in the workplace.  We will ensure your business leaders have the necessary coaching and leadership skills to communicate, support and gain the ‘buy in’ to these important regulated changes. Amaze and Great Chatwell have shared values and are great believers in the importance of people development within any business. We both have a successful and proven track record in our specialist training fields.  We will be unique in offering the full and tailored package of first-class compliance training backed up the essential soft skills training that will ensure you receive maximum return on your investment. For full course information get in touch.

Island conference 'perfect fit' for dynamic economy

More than 50 risk and compliance professionals have attended a prestigious compliance conference held to raise awareness of the risks of conducting business in the digital world. Accounting and audit company Grant Thornton sponsored the event, brought to the Island for the first time via a partnership between ‘Great Chatwell Academy of Learning’ and Intelect, an Island based investigation, training and data security consultancy. Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly officially opened the conference, hosted at the iMuseum in Douglas, before delegates heard from experts in anti-money laundering, blockchain, cryptocurrency, online investigations and due diligence. Grant Thornton Isle of Man Director of Client Development Lee Penrose said: ‘This conference was hugely relevant for many in our dynamic Island economy and therefore a perfect fit for us to support. ‘Great Chatwell represents an international association of risk and compliance professionals who have formed together to create an exciting new risk and compliance advisory service. ‘This was an ideal opportunity to share experiences and network with fellow data security, training and compliance professionals, particularly those working in legal or financial services and those working with crypto currencies. ‘I’m sure it was a memorable experience for the delegates who attended and will prove to be beneficial to their businesses.’ Among the speakers were Colin Tansley, Director of Intelect, Mark Rutherford, deputy chief executive of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission; Pawel Kuskowski, CEO of Coinfirm which provides Blockchain, AML and risk and compliance solutions, Samantha Sheen, financial risk expert, and Hazel Dawson, Senior Associate at DQ Advocates. They also included the founder of Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, Lee Byrne, a leader in the field of Anti Money Laundering and relevant financial crime issues. Attendees were able to experience a virtual reality interactive programme he has developed, tailored specifically for data security. Lee added: ‘It was fascinating to see the reaction to the such an innovative, hands-on learning approach which can train staff on the fundamentals of information security and enhance data security in the workplace. ‘Developments in technology and globalisation have made the world a smaller, better connected place but that growth has also provided new opportunities for financial crime. ‘Hopefully this event helped us learn how to better manage and mitigate these challenges through improved customer due diligence.’

Great Chatwell is delighted to provide CPD accredited training for the financial services sector

The Academy provides a range of risk and financial crime compliance solutions for businesses and individuals that are designed to engage, inform and inspire enhanced business and compliance performance. During the past year we have continued to solicit helpful feedback from our clients on how we can continually improve our products and services, and this includes the design and delivery of training. As a direct response to this feedback, the Academy has applied for, and been accepted, to join the CPD Certification Service.

What does this mean for our clients and for attendees on our training courses?

It means that if you’re looking for CPD accredited training in the financial services sector, our public and in-house training programmes are suitable they will now be independently assured and offer delegates valuable recognition and certification of continuous professional development (CPD). 

Lee Byrne, MD and Head of the Academy, said: “We are committed to a philosophy of continuing improvement and excellence in the design and delivery of learning, including the use of new technology solutions, and this new relationship of independent certification means that our courses comply with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and have been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans. We welcome the scrutiny that is applied by the CPD Certification Service to our training, because we want our clients to take comfort that our learning meets global CPD standards. We believe that this is important to provide assurance and comfort to our clients when they engage with us to deliver meaningful and memorable learning experiences.” For more information on the services offered by the Academy, including end of year inhouse training and public workshops, please contact us at:

Crypto News - Volume 2

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We have been working closely with leading cryptocurrency technology...


It's Our Anniversary

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Well, Great Chatwell Academy of Learning is one year older today, and very much wiser. We’ve learned that you need great relationships, honesty and lots of hours of dedicated application to grow a business when there are so many other established and credible propositions. But we have stayed true to our convictions, of engaging, informing and trying to inspire a better understanding of why financial crime compliance is so important in the fight against crime and terrorism. In a very short time we have:
  • Supported clients with advisory services across Europe and Asia
  • Presented directly to more than 1000 delegates
  • Published the first international online certified programme of learning covering managing virtual currency financial crime risks
  • Developed and launched the first virtual reality programme of learning relating to ‘Data Security in the workplace’
  • Designed and delivered major programmes of learning to AML professional teams in the UK and Europe
  • Organised and managed our first conference in London
  • Recruited our first (and fabulous) full-time employees and have a presence in Europe, UAE, Japan, the Caribbean and Singapore
And... Most importantly of all, we never stopped learning and enjoying what we do! Thank you to all our supporters, friends and partners for your help and support. It is never taken for granted.

Great Chatwell Academy of Learning would like to introduce Souzan as its new Associate Director of MENA

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souzan - chatwell directorGreat Chatwell Academy of Learning would like to introduce Souzan as its new Associate Director of MENA. Souzan is joining our existing faculty associates representing Japan and China in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Souzan, who lives in the UAE, specializes in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) affairs and will provide exceptional expertise and insights for clients of the Academy. Boasting more than 12 years of Governance, Risk and Compliance experience in the Middle East, Souzan is a very exciting appointment and will be taking our delegates’ learning and specialist knowledge to the next level. Lee Byrne, MD and Head of Academy, stated “ Souzan and I met when she achieved Faculty Member status in one of the Top Tier Global Banks training teams, and I was immediately struck by her understated manner and high levels of knowledge and professionalism. She has worked as a Compliance Officer/MLRO and held various other consultancy positions in the MENA region, and has provided support for a range of advisory and remediation projects. This experience will prove invaluable to us and our international clients who require a truly international perspective in the risk and compliance solutions that we provide.” Clients have attested to her confident training and coaching expertise in covering topics such as: Governance, Risk and Compliance; Senior Manager Regime; Financial Crime Compliance including AML/CFT, Fraud, Anti Bribery and Corruption and Managing Tax Evasion risks; and Trade Based Money Laundering. We are delighted to welcome Souzan on board. To contact Souzan email her at:

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