Why Choose the AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma

The AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma is starting on 15th April 2021 and is once again open to enrolment to AFB members.

The course has been designed to provide real work-based skills awareness and development. This means that delegates will be able to apply the learning immediately in their day-to-day work.

What you will learn from the AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma

You will learn how to manage the risks. You will not just be told what you need to know but you will be able to develop enhanced operational skills awareness.

The course syllabus covers the full waterfront of risks, including money laundering, bribery and corruption tax evasion, fraud, financing of terrorism, sanctions, and the role of the MLRO and Nominated Officer.

Current and former delegates consistently attest to how the pre-workshop reading, and attendance at each one of the ten live instructor-led workshops, really does help to promote greater confidence and effectiveness in managing financial crime risks.

If you sign up for this course you can look forward to receiving help, information and personal mentoring from an internationally recognised SME and at the end we are confident that you will reflect on a rewarding journey that will significant enhance your personal development and success.

What can you expect from the AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma?

The course provides a comprehensive syllabus of learning and skills development that is critical if you are in a position of financial crime compliance responsibility or aspire to hold such a position.

Ten workshops delivered over nine months that are recognised with CPD points and can lead to accreditation awarded in association with the University of Gloucestershire.

If you sign up for this course you can look forward to receiving help, information and mentoring from an SME expert throughout the programme that will support your success and personal development.

What you may not expect to receive but we know is important is:

  • Personal learning support and mentoring that is delivered discreetly to support your continuous development and success. This means being able to seek personal help with studies and key learning when you need it.
  • Regular monthly meetings with an international peer group to share ideas and information on course learning and industry best practices.
  • Guest-speaker contributions on key topics such as FinTech, RegTech, Terrorism and Cryptoassets.


Why it is important and relevant about the AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma?

The course has been designed to ensure that delegates are provided with the information that they need to know and to share ideas on how to apply that learning to enhance personal comfort, confidence, and effectiveness.

Unlike other courses of learning, the syllabus is continuously updated, indeed sometimes even defined, by current affairs and the very latest regulatory developments. It is ‘live’ and constantly evolving and this means that you can be confident that you are always kept informed of the very latest developments.

We believe that because the course is delivered over nine months, allowing regular monthly updates on key developments, when you complete the programme you really are ‘on point’ with your knowledge and skills competency.

A last word from GCAL…

We have been employed by the two biggest financial crime compliance learning providers in the world, and this course represents the realization of our commitment to provide risk and compliance professionals with an alternative proposition.

The course provides us with the opportunity to offer help, information and personal mentoring support that can support delegates to become even more confident and effective senior financial crime compliance professionals.

Over nine months we get huge satisfaction from being able to guide and support a group of international ‘strangers’ who with the passing of each workshop, become bonded by a shared commitment and passion to be the very best financial crime professionals and to make a difference.

Each workshop is different, but they are always fun, meaningful and we learn something new from every workshop that we have delivered. This means that we can stay ahead.

From all the work that we are engaged to design and deliver, this course is one of our favourites because it is dynamic and because the delegates are committed to their personal development and becoming an elite financial crime risk professional. It is a great combination!

Some comments about the previous AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma

“Very clear pre-reading material and relevant supporting information is provided well in advance of each of the structured learning modules”

“Lee Byrne is an excellent and knowledgeable Programme Director, facilitating engaging structured learning modules conducted remotely over Zoom”

“The ten structured learning modules are directly relevant to an MLRO role”

“An excellent course that I would have no hesitation in recommending to senor financial crime professional and prospective MLROs”