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Here at the Academy we recognise the importance in sharing the very latest news and information that we gather from our international partners who are based around the world. Listed below are some of the articles that we hope are useful.

Senior Leadership Personal Skills Development
When was the last time that you received independent and objective assessment and feedback on your personal communication skills? https://t.co/XW6dzUKoNx

We cater for firms of all sizes who have very different budgets, but this does not mean that there should be any compromise on quality. We recognise that when we are engaged by our clients, we are ambassadors for them and their team.

At GCAL we are taking classroom engagement and experiential learning to the next level. During 2019 the introduction of technology to classroom training has brought significant new benefits to delegates and our clients using audience response systems https://t.co/a1arlV8u3n

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