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Welcome to the Information Hub where you’ll find all the very latest news and updates on international regulatory risk and compliance trends and developments, including money laundering, the financing of terrorism and financial crime conduct. Bookmark the page so you’re always informed.

Chatterbox Newsletter – Volume 2

Read more about the very latest risk and compliance legal and regulatory View

The fight against crime is too important to leave the status quo as it stands.

The elephant in the room! I have observed with increasing unease and frustration for some time now how despite the very honest and diligent efforts of the band of brothers and sisters in the financial crime compliance profession around the world we appear to be losing the war on illicit financ…

Crypto News – Volume 1

We have been working closely with leading cryptocurrency technology… View

Great Chatwell Academy of Learning would like to introduce Souzan as its new Associate Director of MENA

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Great Chatwell Academy of Learning would like to introduce Souzan as its new Associate Director of MENA. Souzan is joining our existing faculty associates representing Japan and China in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Souzan, who lives in the UAE, specializes in MENA (Middle East and North Af…

Financial crime compliance – do you know everything there is to know?

It’s difficult to keep up when change is happening so fast. Here at Great Chatwell Academy of Learning we are offering a series of public financial crime compliance workshops in London and Birmingham starting in June 2018 that are designed to support you to stay on top of the important changes. …

The Realistic Challenges of PEP Determination – Is It Time for a Change?

At the moment, people in perceived positions of power and hence potentially vulnerable to corruption must be flagged as a PEP including their spouses, close associates and family members.  Okay, I get that.  Because you can have a public figure who abuses their power and co-opts friends and famil…

Cross Border Risk Conference – a Post Event Update

At Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, we are continually looking to improve our offering by getting feedback from attendees at our courses and conferences. Recently, we had plenty of really positive feedback from our recent Cross Border Risk Conference with in London. Here’s Malcolm Wr… and Great Chatwell Academy Cross Border Risk

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Tax evasion. Criminal proceeds from the sales of vast sums of illicit drugs and narcotics. Offshore incorporation of legal entities. The misuse of virtual currencies to launder the proceeds of crime. These are just some of the issues that we will be discussing together on the morning of March 1…

“Land Ahoy!”

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The unchartered and unregulated seas of virtual currencies have until now provided rich pickings for those peddling illicit goods, sanctions and tax evaders and money launderers. With the notable exception of the rulings provided by FinCEN and the ‘Bit Licensing’ of the NY DFS and a few other sta…

Financial crime prevention expert has been retained as head of Anti-Money Laundering at Coinfirm

Lee Byrne, founder of Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, scooped the position due to his international and management experience spanning more than 30 years and his professional expertise in financial crime risk managements. Mr Byrne, who lives in Norbury, Staffordshire but runs his compa…

Pointing a finger of suspicion?

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When a piece of art sells for a world record fee of $430 million, and your first thought is that this represents a perfect case study for money laundering, you start to think that you may have been in the financial crime compliance profession for too long. When, having looked in to the matter …

Bribery and Corruption Update: Transparency International

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Which country in Africa performs better than almost every other country in the world concerning bribery and corruption according to its citizens?According to the latest report by Transparency International, The Global Corruption Barometer, the citizens of one country in Africa reported that they …
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