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All our founding partners are senior risk and compliance professional subject matter experts with more than 50 years of collective experience.

Providing services and solutions to regulated and unregulated customers, businesses and employees in the banking and financial sector is what we do best.

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We can confidently attest to the individual competency and ambassadorial expertise of all of our team because we have a rigorous programme of recruitment and selection. We observe and assess before we recruit. This means that you will always be supported by a proven professional.

Our international team of risk and compliance professionals around the world can be called upon to provide local and regional support and insights when this is required. This also means that we can deliver our work in all of the major international languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish, German and French, and others that are not so common!


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Our commitment to combatting financial crime is reflected in our forward-thinking personal and business solutions. Read our client testimonials below to find out more about GCAL.

“Great Chatwell Academy may be small in size but it’s big on impact! Standards are high and staff are professional, engaging and approachable. Regulatory knowledge is forward-looking and risk assessments are thorough and contain the appropriate level of detail. The style of delivery ensures a considered and informed programme is easily maintained. Training is current, pertinent and effective while solutions are efficient, practical and effectual. We have engaged GCAL for a number of different matters and have always been pleased with their output (hence the repeated engagement).”
“Working with the team at Great Chatwell offers a unique blend of current regulatory scope coupled with the ability to use real life operational experience to make the subjects meaningful and commercially relevant. They are open to tailoring the design offering to match the needs of teams and organisations rather than delivering in a standard format as many others do. This engaging manner and strong work ethic leads to a lasting positive legacy in the colleagues and teams they work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lee and the team at Great Chatwell again.”

“I personally attended a workshop delivered by Chatwell Academy along with delegates across my operation whom had a variety of AML skills.The workshop was very informative and provided a strong background to the regulatory environment. The workshop trainer, Lee Byrne, provided a structured overview and ensured the workshop was interactive providing quizzes and shared his own personal experiences of working within AML. Ahead of the workshop I worked with Lee and the team to support the requirements of sessions and they ensured that the content covered the specific elements required to enhance and develop existing skills further. Feedback from the delegates was extremely positive and I look forward to working with Great Chatwell and Lee again in the future.”

“While I was fortunate in my 28 year financial services career to attend many training experiences, this course was by far one of the best delivered in such a unique fashion that drove home learning that will stick with me and be useful in my work life.”

“I know a number of fellow professionals who live and breathe AML and he is definitely one of them. I also know a few people who know how to teach in a way that is instantly engaging and relevant. However, he is the only person I’ve come across to date who can combine the two.”

“Whenever I’ve been so far down the AML/CFT rabbit-hole that I’ve needed friendly advice, it’s been him to whom I’ve turned for context and perspective.”

“A bright, vibrant trainer that is completely up to date with global topics that he specialises in. He has an engaging way of getting everybody to buy into his enthusiasm and knowledge of his topic of discussion, whether it be AML, CFT, Risk, Corporate Governance or Compliance.”

“He is one of those very few people that is an expert in his field. As a former MLRO, he is able to provide practical advice to resolve some of those difficult AML situations. Coupled with his academic knowledge, he is able to add the theoretical and legal background to the issue.”

“I really enjoyed the Customer Due Diligence workshop and thought it a worthwhile investment to progressing my understanding and capability in navigating the deep and dark web. The piece on block chain and crypto currency was also very insightful.”

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