We simplify the complicated and contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism through certified learning and skills development


    We provide professional support, guidance and insights to identify, manage and mitigate risks for regulated and non-regulated business


    We support and inspire individuals to become more confident and competent in managing risks, and realise their ambitions

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Chatterbox – Edition 4, Volume 1

In this edition we have chosen to highlight some of the important changes and to include some of the helpful commentary that has been published around the post-Brexit era of regulation in the UK.

Engagement: tailored and outcomes-focused support

Our passion is for supporting professionals to grow their confidence and competence so that they can make an even greater contribution in the fight against crime and terrorism. Our team are all experienced professionals and are committed to ensuring that our support is tailored to the needs of the individual and business and contributes to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Information: using innovation and creativity to deliver memorable accredited learning

Our reputation is for providing innovative, meaningful and memorable learning support and risk management guidance that is informed by a commitment to monitoring the very latest emerging trends and best practices. And for added assurance, all our learning content is independently accredited.

Inspiration: delivering confidence that leads to improved personal and business performance

We are known for simplifying the complicated, managing risks, providing business with performance improvement solutions and individuals with inspirational leadership and direction to realise their personal ambitions.

Our Success Stories

For those who are new to us, and would like to learn more about what you can expect, here are the words of some of our previous clients.

  • “Great Chatwell Academy may be small in size but it’s big on impact!”
  • “They are open to tailoring the design offering to match the needs of teams and organisations rather than delivering in a standard format as many others do.”
  • “The workshop was very informative and provided a strong background to the regulatory environment.”
  • “This course was by far one of the best delivered in such a unique fashion that drove home learning that will stick with me and be useful in my work life.”
  • “A bright, vibrant trainer that is completely up to date with global topics that he specialises in”

    Latest from the GCAL Information Hub

    Why Choose the AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma

    | GCA Manager |
    The AFB Financial Crime Compliance (AML) Diploma is starting on 15th April 2021 and is once again open to enrolment to AFB members.

    Financial crime compliance crossword – Number 2

    | GCA Manager |
    Test your financial crime compliance knowledge with our weekly crossword. How much do you know about fighting financial crime? What do you need to learn to improve your skills? 

    Improve your skills and qualifications – read our latest What’s New brochure

    | GCA Manager |
    If you are a risk and compliance professional who is looking to improve your skills and qualifications so you can develop your career with online training, then you have come to the right place.

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