Chatterbox – Edition 3 Volume 1

Welcome to the latest edition of our Chatterbox Newsletter – the first edition published on our new website.

“With finite resources, and nearly 60,000 firms to regulate, we’ve always had to make hard choices.”

This was taken from the opening line of the recent FCA Business Plan 2020/2021 and these words resonate with the start to 2020 here at the Great Chatwell Academy of Learning. Except that we have slightly fewer business to support than 60,000….and we do not regulate businesses….I digress.

It’s been a while since the last edition of the Chatterbox newsletter was published and we apologise for that, but we are hoping to close the gap with this update and we are now committed to producing them every eight weeks. Just enough to ensure we have something to say, and not too many that you become burdened by the reading.

I hope this edition is helpful, informative, and punchy, and helps you to identify any developments that you missed have missed.

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