Great Chatwell Academy invests in technology to enhance interaction and deliver results!

“At GCAL we are taking classroom engagement and experiential learning to the next level”

In 2019 our goal was to go that extra mile for our clients, bringing something different and innovative to the classroom. That was when we discovered the intuitive audience response system, combining speed, anonymity and accuracy whilst gathering performance data and keeping the audience focused and engaged.

Twelve months on and we have been delighted with the response from our clients to the results for two main reasons:

Firstly, anonymous voting by workshop attendees provokes honest responses which are unbiased. Whether measuring the results to technical questions or assessing the diversity of opinion our technology allows us to focus discussion on those subjects where the results indicate it is warranted, or where there is a healthy difference of opinion!

Our audience response systems also offer an unprecedented level of interactivity between audience and speaker which in turn allows for far greater levels of engagement and interactivity, keeping delegates engaged and on track.

Secondly, we are able to provide forensic analysis of delegate performance during and after sessions to help senior management to reward success and identify areas for further follow up and support. This is fundamental for any business that wishes to adopt a risk-based approach to training and has a limited budget that must be forensically allocated to those issues and employees that need it most.

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