It’s Our Anniversary

Well, Great Chatwell Academy of Learning is one year older today, and very much wiser. We’ve learned that you need great relationships, honesty and lots of hours of dedicated application to grow a business when there are so many other established and credible propositions. But we have stayed true to our convictions, of engaging, informing and trying to inspire a better understanding of why financial crime compliance is so important in the fight against crime and terrorism.

In a very short time we have:

  • Supported clients with advisory services across Europe and Asia
  • Presented directly to more than 1000 delegates
  • Published the first international online certified programme of learning covering managing virtual currency financial crime risks
  • Developed and launched the first virtual reality programme of learning relating to ‘Data Security in the workplace’
  • Designed and delivered major programmes of learning to AML professional teams in the UK and Europe
  • Organised and managed our first conference in London
  • Recruited our first (and fabulous) full-time employees and have a presence in Europe, UAE, Japan, the Caribbean and Singapore


Most importantly of all, we never stopped learning and enjoying what we do!

Thank you to all our supporters, friends and partners for your help and support. It is never taken for granted.