Financial crime compliance – do you know everything there is to know?

It’s difficult to keep up when change is happening so fast. Here at Great Chatwell Academy of Learning we are offering a series of public financial crime compliance workshops in London and Birmingham starting in June 2018 that are designed to support you to stay on top of the important changes.

Our international team of award winning trainers will ensure you leave the workshop feeling more confident and confident that you have the very latest regulatory news and best practices covering a range of important financial crime compliance, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing subjects.

So, what have we got on offer for you?

Certificate in Conducting Forensic Customer Due Diligence – if the dark web, scraping the internet, identifying cryptocurrency risk and fighting crime excites you then this is the course for you as we take traditional CDD/KYC skills to the next level. Don’t get left behind and enrol today for courses on 11th and 12th June.

Level One Introduction to AML and CFT – international experts are working hard to deter, disrupt and detect illicit finance activity from illegal drug sales, human trafficking, tax evasion and bribery and corruption, and it is vital to learn the legal requirements and to get appraised of the latest best practices.  In this session, you will be provided with a comprehensive, and outcomes based, introduction to the role of the regulated sector in fighting crime and terrorism.

Level Two AML and CFT for Risk and Compliance Professionals – You may have successfully completed the level one course, or be at an advanced level, and now you want to learn more and develop your skills to become a more effective and efficient AML and CFT professional. In this practical and interactive workshop you will enjoy learning through the use of case study analysis and you will build your confidence and knowledge in managing financial crime compliance.

Level Three AML and CFT for Senior Managers and Leaders – This workshop is for those who want the comfort of knowing that they are on top of the latest regulatory changes. Our trainers are employed by leaders in some of the very biggest regulatory firms because they can be relied upon to deliver meaningful material to assist senior leaders to improve the effectiveness of their operations.

Learn by listening and working with your peer group, as well as receiving the very latest updates from our trainers, who include MLRO’s and Heads of Compliance.

Managing Sanctions CPD – Using real-life case studies in this workshop delegates will be guided to develop a practical understanding on how to manage sanctions, ensure the challenges set by the sanctions evaders are met, whilst meeting the increasingly complex and conflicting international regulatory sanctions compliance responsibilities.

This course will take delegates through the current sanctions regulations from the UN, USA, EU and UK, and will include the latest developments on North Korea, Iran and Russia.

Trade Based Money Laundering CPD – Do you understand where criminals hide their ‘dirty money? Have you got clients who import and export, whether through retail activity, maybe manufacturing? Then trade-based money laundering risks matter.

How well can you recognise the difference between false and legitimate trade transactions?

What are the latest trends in trade-based money laundering techniques?

Book your place early for this workshop because our training team guide some of the world’s leading trade-based operations on how to deter and detect money laundering and the financing of terrorism through trade, and recognised as some of the world’s leading training professionals.

In this session you will learn more about how illicit actors move value between collusive criminal partners, using typologies such as over-pricing and mislabelling of goods, and not forgetting the considerable risk posed by ‘dual use’ goods. This course will fill quickly, and is always well received, particularly by those who do not normally manage trade risks directly and want to understand more about trade-related risks that will support tax evasion, sanctions evasion and money laundering.

Terrorist Financing Risk and Terrorist Group Analysis CPD – Terrorist activity is personal and impacts upon everyone within our community – invoking fear and poses a threat to national security – financial terrorism is no different. On this course you will learn more about the current threat levels posed by international groups, how their ideology can influence how they raise funds and how to manage the significant risk of terrorist financing beyond placing reliance on sanctions alone.

Introduction to Blockchain and VC Risk Management – Are you a Virtual Currency enthusiast or an AML professional?

Are you just starting out using VC and not quite sure what to be looking out for or does your management of associated financial crime risks need a focus? In this workshop we will look at how to conduct due diligence checks on VC transactions, and we shall be looking at the 5th EU MLD and the very latest regulatory developments from jurisdicitons including the USA, Japan, Australia and China and what this means to businesses who wish to manage VC.

Managing Tax Evasion Risks Under the Criminal Finance Act 2017 – Do you know what ‘reasonable’ procedures you must take to prevent employees and your associates from criminally facilitating tax evasion?  The risks presented to all firms, regulated and unregulated, from failing to prevent criminal tax evasion are considerable and have been in place since 30th September 2017. Its never too late to take the time to check on the adequacy of these controls!

All public workshops have limited places so book your place today.

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