Great Chatwell Academy of Learning provides exceptional AML and CFT training courses suitable for professionals at any stage of their career. With a number of levels on offer, our courses and workshops enable delegates to develop a practical understanding of financial crime risk, and AML and CFT laws and regulations, in a comfortable yet stimulating environment.


"While I was fortunate in my 28 year financial services career to attend many training experiences, this course was by far one of the best delivered in such a unique fashion that drove home learning that will stick with me and be useful in my work life."

Managing Director and Offshore Compliance Consultant


Why choose the Academy for your AML training course?

Lee Byrne, founder of the Academy, and creator of course content, has more than 30 years’ experience in financial crime risk management within regulated firms, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, and corruption and terrorist financing crime risks.

In addition, the Academy’s entire faculty and senior leadership team are subject matter experts, and practitioners in the field of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism.


Why is AML training important?

Efficient identification and elimination of financial crime risk is paramount in order to shield organisations and their stakeholders from serious financial crime.  The requirements and expectations with regards to AML, that regulators around the world promote, are to ensure that employees hold awareness and knowledge of ML/TF risks. AML training should also take place at least once a year. 


Who should obtain our AML qualifications?

Our AML and CFT workshops are designed to inform individuals who work, or wish to work, in operational risk, compliance analysis, the regulated sector or non-regulated sector and public officials such as the police and armed forces, in all areas of anti-money laundering and terrorism financing.


What is the cost to obtain an anti-money laundering certificate?

AML certification costs vary.  Our interactive and practical workshops are priced at £299 (level one) and £349 (level 2). At the end of these workshops, delegates will be provided an anti-money certificate attesting to their attendance and participation.   


Online AML training – financial crime risks and virtual currency

Our Advanced Certificate in Managing Virtual Currency and Financial Crime Risks (£899) has been specifically created for busy professionals. Users can access this training at their convenience – all that is required is a laptop and an internet connection. The training begins with an introduction to the history of ‘money’ and the role of the regulated sector. It then examines the source of criminal revenue, and includes up to date briefings on emerging organised crime risks.  The online training is suitable for the following:

  • Risk professionals
  • Anti-money laundering professionals
  • VC industry practitioners


aml training 2


Our AML public workshops in London

Read more about the Academy’s practical anti-money laundering programs below:


Level One – Introduction to AML and CFT 

This introductory course is a 3-hour workshop taking place in London. Delegates will develop a practical understanding of how to manage financial crime risks more effectively in the regulated sector, whilst meeting personal and business responsibilities.

See the full course overview and expected learning outcomes here.

Total cost of workshop: £299



Level Two – AML and CFT for Risk and Compliance Professionals 

The level two AML and CFT course is a 1-day workshop scheduled to take place in London. Delegates will develop a deeper understanding of key international AML and CFT laws and regulations. They will also learn about the framework of systems and controls that regulated firms are required to implement to manage and mitigate the risk that they are used by criminals or by the financiers of terrorism.

See the full course overview and expected learning outcomes here.

Total cost of workshop: £349



Level Three – AML and CFT for Senior Managers and Leaders 

The level three AML and CFT course is a 1-day workshop. Delegates will gain an ‘expert’ level of understanding of financial crime risk management responsibilities and will be provided with an opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of how these laws and regulations apply to operational activity.

See the full course overview and expected learning outcomes here.