Financial crime prevention expert has been retained as head of Anti-Money Laundering at Coinfirm

Lee Byrne, founder of Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, scooped the position due to his international and management experience spanning more than 30 years and his professional expertise in financial crime risk managements.

Mr Byrne, who lives in Norbury, Staffordshire but runs his company from Shifnal, specialises in advising on the management of financial crime risks within regulated firms, including money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption and terrorist financing risks.

He also facilitates training courses across the world in compliance and regulation including Virtual Currencies, including Bitcoin.

He has worked in many of the major financial markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Europe and the Middle East, giving him extensive knowledge of international best practices.

Mr Byrne, who boasts a team of 50 associates who deliver his University of Gloucester certified training courses across the world, said: “This latest appointment demonstrates the breadth of skills and depth of knowledge and expertise the team at Great Chatwell Academy of Learning offers.

“This provides a multitude of opportunities and demonstrates the international reach of our work and the expertise needed to execute it efficiently.

“My career has taken me to the major financial centres of the world and this position will kindle strong relationships with these centres to help to secure a fraud free future for online cryptocurrency.”

Mr Byrne, aged 50, added: “Coinfirm is recognised as a leader in its field and ranked among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies.

“Confirm’s focus on Blockchain technology is an area of financial technology that can only expand and increase in success.

“Anything involving financial cryptocurrency has its own risk, which is where I can apply what I have learned in my 30 years of working to fight financial crime and money laundering.”

Coinfirm is a well established financial firm, with extensive international reach that specialises in managing Blockchain. Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that is expected to alter most industries in the coming years.

In everyday terms, blockchain can be broken down to being a series of files, known as blocks, on multiple computers, with each block containing a timestamp and a link to the previous block, so they form a chain. The database is not managed by any particular body; instead everyone in the network gets a copy of the whole database.

By not being managed by one person in particular it remains more secure as the data is not able to be altered or modified.