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Simplifying the complicated

We are a full-service risk management services business that offers more than just training and education. We recognise that without effective communication, a culture of compliance and efficient supporting risk management systems and controls, any training that we provide may not be enough. And so, we are now supporting firms with a range of ancillary services.
risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Our team have been delighted to be invited to help to support clients in revising and refining their risk management systems and controls, typically starting with the risk assessment.

Using past work-based experience and leveraging the benefits of continuing to work closely with leading risk and compliance professionals, we offer genuine support to firms to provide a comprehensive and relevant assessment of risks that provides a supporting rationale for streamlining of procedures and more effective allocation of resources.

senior risk management

Senior Leadership / Board Support

‘You don’t train the board you train a dog. You guide the board!’

Our senior leadership team are currently engaged by a wide variety of regulated and non-regulated businesses to provide help and guidance on a range of operational risk and compliance challenges. We will design and deliver advisory sessions that inform the board, EXCO and heads of departments, and provide regulatory ‘hot topic’ briefings and regulatory updates to whole departments as required. We have a proven track record of success and we are a trusted ambassador for our clients.

policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures

We simplify the complicated, we don’t over-engineer our work. We believe less is more when drafting policies and procedures whilst ensuring that there is no compromise on technical content.

You will not get an ‘off-the-shelf’ policy that is simply branded with your logo. We will work with you to provide tailored statements of policies, procedures and staff handbooks that tell your staff what they need to know in simple language. The documents that we create with you will reflect your actual operational risk and compliance needs, nothing more and nothing less.

business remediation

Past Business Remediation

We have recent and relevant experience in supporting the successful completion of remediation programmes for international businesses. Whatever the size of the challenge, our team are ready to help.

The Academy works closely with chosen partners to provide firms with support to conduct past business remediation, whilst cleansing data and providing new records and information in a form and content that will ensure that this data can continue to be used in future business.

Mistakes happen, our role is to identify and remediate risks without making a fuss.

“Working with the team at Great Chatwell offers a unique blend of current regulatory scope coupled with the ability to use real life operational experience to make the subjects meaningful and commercially relevant. They are open to tailoring the design offering to match the needs of teams and organisations rather than delivering in a standard format as many others do.”

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