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Certified Online Learning

The foundation for the continued success of the Academy is our sincere desire to help, support and upskill people that we work with. This includes everyone from MLROs and Financial Crime Compliance Directors to members of first line onboarding relationship managers.

We know that personal development can be realised through hard work, a commitment to continuous learning and skills development. That is why GCAL is relevant.

We believe that our defining USP is our commitment to providing meaningful and memorable learning that engages, informs and inspires those that we work with.

Whether you are planning to take the next step up the ladder, or your wish to take more responsibility, we are here to help you by providing up to date guidance and information that will ensure that you have the commensurate knowledge and skills to realise your ambitions.

We offer a blend of learning to support all levels of risk and compliance professionals, at all stages of their professional and personal development and our work is independently accredited by the CPD Institute and can also be awarded in association with the University of Gloucestershire.

Customised Online Learning

We work with the children of a generation that has endured years of dull, uninspiring and meaningless online learning. We are committed to changing this and we now offer a genuine alternative proposition.

Working with outstanding and creative designers, we ensure that the tone and technical content are appropriately balanced to support a learning journey that is interactive and meaningful.

We provide animated learning content, with audio and visual stimulation that provides learners with outcomes focused learning that will provide greater confidence and competence in managing risks.

Here is a list of some of the subjects we now cover:

  1. Managing the Risks of Trade Based Money Laundering, Dual-use Goods and Sanctions Evasion
  2. Financial Crime Compliance (including anti-money laundering)
  3. Fraud Risk Management
  4. Managing Virtual Currency/Assets
  5. Customer Due Diligence/ Know Your Customer
  6. Managing Sanctions Risks
  7. Managing Tax Evasion Risks under the Criminal Finances Act
  8. Identifying and reporting the proceeds of crime and terrorism (SARS)
  9. Managing Bribery and Corruption Risks
  10. Deterring, detecting and disrupting the financing of terrorism and proliferation

Advanced Instructor-Led Learning

If you are a risk and compliance professional who wants to grow their confidence and competence, who wants to accelerate their progression and who wants to move on, then our structured programmes of learning may just be the solution for you.

Our programmes are structured to ensure that they deliver the right information at the right time in the right way. Course content is maintained to ensure that it is always up to date. Assessments are fair and appropriate to the course, and at the end of the programme we are confident that you will reflect upon a journey that was challenging but rewarding.

If the risk and compliance subject that you want to explore is not listed below, contact us because we may just be developing what you need!

  1. Understanding and Managing Virtual Assets/Currency
  2. Financial Crime Compliance (AML)
  3. Managing Fraud Risks
  4. Customer Due Diligence

Personal Support & Mentoring

It can be very lonely at the top, and personal recognition and advancement can be painfully slow.

We offer discreet and personal support for risk and compliance professionals who want additional technical guidance, personal direction or just a shoulder to cry on!

We are humbled and honoured to have been invited to provide private and discreet support to senior leaders and leadership teams, and we never take this trust and confidence for granted.

Advanced Online E-Learning

We have partnered with ManchesterCF based in Toronto Canada to provide what we believe is highly credible and cost-effective structured online learning for risk and compliance professionals who want to ‘top up’ their learning.

We can provide more details about their range of training programmes – please feel free to contact us now for more information.

“While I was fortunate in my 28 year financial services career to attend many training experiences, this course was by far one of the best delivered in such a unique fashion that drove home learning that will stick with me and be useful in my work life.”

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