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GCAL offers a wide range of business services to help support your organisations compliance and financial crime compliance training needs including Anti-Money Laundering training and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Investigation Training).

Our classroom and online learning environments are designed to provide delegates with the highest quality financial crime training courses, by integrating real-time technologies and by providing ongoing support and personalised feedback.

Importantly, we are experienced in providing support for both small and large firms who want to engage, inform and inspire their workers at all levels.

GCAL is a company that does not simply tick-boxes, we offer real-world insights and practical-focused learning outcomes using case-studies.

We aim to put the fun back in to compliance learning and to make each training experience meaningful and memorable.

financial crime compliance

SME – Financial Crime Compliance

The Academy continues to make a significant contribution to financial crime compliance learning and education within the UK and internationally. Our key subject matter experts are former Money Laundering Officers and senior financial crime compliance leaders who can provide outcomes-focussed learning and risk advisory support.

What we want you to know: our work-based experience ensures that we can inform the design process to ensure that learning meets regulatory and legal requirements, whilst ensuring that this information also supports work-based change.

risk and compliance

SME – Governance, Risk and Compliance

Businesses are increasingly required to manage their business activities according to legal, regulatory and ethical considerations. Our governance, risk and compliance experts can provide support to design and deliver policies and procedures and to provide senior leadership support.

What we want you to know: Our business services include supporting you to design and operationalise risk and compliance systems and controls, and to design and deliver training.

outsourced business services

Outsourced Risk Academy Managed Business Service

We have observed how some large businesses are designing and developing their internal learning proposition and capabilities, and we recognise the value in having control and ownership of education content. We believe that this proposition should be made available to every firm, and so we are delighted to have created a fully serviced Risk Academy proposition that can be deployed in firms of all sizes.

If you would like the benefits of a risk academy that consolidates learner content, records and provides outstanding and work-based learning material using a blend of media, then contact us to discuss our range of business services.

certified business services

Certified and Accredited Learning Solutions

Our work is independently assured to give our clients added comfort and confidence. Every programme is subject to review and approval by the Institute of Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD).

We are also very proud to be able to create programmes of learning that will provide delegates with a certification that is ‘awarded in association with the University of Gloucestershire’.


Your Tailored Training Program

Our strength lies in our ability to bring the latest legislation and legal cases into our training programmes. The Academy can offer training tailored to your business but on a range of core topics that will be relevant to anyone working in Financial Crime Compliance.

Start building your tailored training program that is up to date and relevant with Great Chatwell Academy of Learning today.

“Great Chatwell Academy may be small in size but it’s big on impact! Standards are high and staff are professional, engaging and approachable”

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