Cross Border Risk Conference – a Post Event Update

At Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, we are continually looking to improve our offering by getting feedback from attendees at our courses and conferences. Recently, we had plenty of really positive feedback from our recent Cross Border Risk Conference with in London. Here’s Malcolm Wright, of Revolut, giving his take on the day.

Here’s Glenna Smith of Smith Compliance Consulting Inc talking to Lee Byrne, Managing Director of Great Chatwell Academy of Learning, about her presentation on the financial markets of Barbados and the Caribbean islands.

Here’s Beata Wiśnicka, Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Client Senior Specialist at Coinfirm, who discussed Bitcoin and managing financial risk when dealing with cryptocurrency. Afterwards, she had a chat Lee Byrne, about how it went.


Video transcripts

Video 1

“I thought today’s conference went really well. I have been to many conferences in the past and this one I think was really good in terms of the breadth of the subject matter but also the depth that we went into.

So we started off looking at GDPR. I have spoken on GDPR myself but actually I think there was still new stuff to learn from this.

We then looked at Barbados and that was a really interesting discussion about the perception of Barbados sitting in the Caribbean and the EU’s views of Barbados and actually how progressed it is.

We then looked at Bitcoin and AML monitoring on Bitcoin with Coinfirm. Again, an interesting discussion as to how banks can be prepared for that.

I have worked with and known Coinfirm for some time but there were still some takeaways from that, that I haven’t explored before, so really interesting to see that.

We then looked at the sanctions legislation that will be coming to the UK for Brexit and that includes the wrap up of AML legislation.

And finally a view of China, so I have worked in China myself but it was interesting to see a more broad cultural view as to how China has ended up where it has in its modern society and the challenges that are faced, both for national banks in China, but also the overseas branches, and any bank that might actually deal with Chinese nationals who are coming in, and how you might for example identify a source of wealth or a source of funds.”

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