Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Course Introduction

The threat from criminals who wish to exploit the services offered by financial service providers and the increasingly complex and digital payment environment has prompted regulators to demand that firms develop role-specific AML training that supports staff to identify and mitigate the risks that businesses face.

We design tailored AML training courses that identify key risks and learning outcomes, closing the gaps in AML skills and knowledge

We deliver engaging and memorable AML training sessions that promote greater confidence and competence to tackle current and emerging AML risks

We measure individual performance and provide records to track ROI and actual improvements in AML awareness.

Delivery Formats
Which AML course is right for me and my team?

We have designed two distinct levels of AML training programmes to provide the knowledge and skills development that are required by risk and compliance professionals at all levels.  

  • The AML awareness course is designed to support all individuals to understand their role and responsibility in managing AML and financial crime risks. Click here to learn more.

  • The advanced AML course provides technical support and instructor-led practical guidance and mentoring support to senior financial crime, risk and compliance professionals who manage, or who wish to manage, a programme of AML and associated financial crime compliance risks. Click here to learn more.

How will I benefit from completing the programme?

This is a structured programme of expert-led online interactive skills-based training. The course has been designed to provide practical help, information, and instructor-led demonstrations on how to use the Internet to:
  • Be more effective and productive by reducing delays when completing customer risk assessments.
  • Grow your expertise when performing an investigation of companies and individuals.
  • Be more confident making important anti-money laundering and financial crime risk decisions that also have a commercial impact.
  • Prepare more-forensic reports to support risk decisions.

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What Will You Learn? 

Enhanced crime risk awareness and the very latest updates on emerging money laundering and associated crime threats that are essential to assessing and managing AML risks, including for example, transaction-based money laundering, cryptoassets and trade-based money laundering. 

More about UK and international financial crime laws, regulations, and sources of best practice, including the EU 5th and 6th MLD, US BSA and the UK Money Laundering Regulations 2017, as amended. 

How to manage a framework of policies, controls, and risk-based procedures to mitigate money laundering risks, including how to conduct enhanced due diligence (EDD), and simplified due diligence (SDD) client identification and verification procedures, and reporting of suspicious activity in full compliance with the laws and regulations.  

Is the training just for banks and bankers?  

No. Our training is designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses that are subject to the UK Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) and who offer financial products and services that can be used by criminals 

This includes money exchange service providers, cryptoassets service providers, jewellers, estate agents, art dealers and supply chain finance businesses 

Can I take anti money laundering training as an individual? 

Yes. We supply courses for individuals and for larger groups of individuals 

Many risk and compliance professionals take our courses to obtain new skills and knowledge which they can use to improve their job performance and to enhance their prospects of being appointed to new roles with increased responsibilities. 

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