Our experience includes working within Central Banks, leading international regulatory bodies and firms of all sizes, and we are therefore very confident that we will be able to provide you with the solutions that you require. These include:

  • Assistance at all levels of managing the regulatory process:
    • Advising on regulatory issues relating to strategic and operational planning
    • Assessment of clients’ state of readiness for regulatory examinations
    • Reviewing and drafting policy and procedures
    • Assisting in preparing and implementing corrective remedial action
    • Establishing regulatory management and compliance programs, including designing communication and training programs
  • Gap analysis with local laws and international regulatory developments:
    • Identification of gaps between current performance and international emerging best practice and regulatory developments
    • Providing recommendations on how best to implement enhanced procedures and controls, whilst minimising commercial impact
    • Monitoring and reporting on regulatory changes – “horizon spotting”
  • Review and implementation of a framework of internal systems and controls:
    • Perform assessment of existing internal rules and procedures to identify whether they appropriately manage and mitigate business and regulatory risks
    • Provide recommendations on how to further enhance internal rules and procedures where appropriate
    • Assist in the operationalisation and implementation of revised procedures into business-as-usual

Our team has an excellent blend of skills and experience that has been developed working with regulators and leading industry experts. One particular area of specialisation includes providing help and support to prepare for regulatory authorisation and our principle partner has extensive experience working for a financial services regulator and has now managed regulatory inspections for more than 450 regulated firms, including domestic banks, securities firms, foreign banks and securities, domestic and foreign insurance companies, and financial instruments business operators.

We provide support and guidance for international firms, both big and small. Every client is important to us, and so whatever the size of the firm or the length of engagement, we always aim to exceed your expectations.

The biography of one of our team reads as follows:

”As the former Head of Regulatory Advisory practice of KPMG in Japan, he has led more than 450 regulatory projects in the past and was previously employed at the Bank of Japan mostly in the banking policy area, and specialisation included capital adequacy rules, derivatives and preparing regulatory guidelines, he has served as Japan’s official member in various working groups at the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), IOSCO, etc. At the BIS, he was responsible for drafting of various policies related to risk management and internal controls.”

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