“The main finding identified from this review was a disconnect between those AML/CFT and financial crime risks which firms identified as the greatest threat to their business and the content of the AML/CFT and more general financial crime training provided to staff and Board members. Nearly three quarters of firms surveyed identified fraud as one of the top three financial crime risks to their business, but only six of those firms specifically covered fraud in the regular training provided to staff. A similar picture emerged in relation to other risks. Given the critical role played by employees in protecting firms from their abuse by financial criminals, the Commission would expect the risks identified by firms in their business risk assessments to flow through into training.” (taken from Guernsey Financial Services Commission Report ‘Training Thematic Review’ from June 2016)

Designing and developing training is an art and a skill. Devising a programme of learning, with appropriate learning outcomes that meet the needs of the business requires time and attention, but above all else, it requires care.

Designing a program of learning is not simply a matter of documenting new policy statements or providing instruction on how to perform a new procedure.

We recognise that it is critical that learning material helps delegates to first understand why a policy or procedure is required to be followed, before detailing what the new law or policy is. We advocate taking the time to explain why a policy or procedure is required, what crime or risk must be managed, before introducing the finer details of what conduct is required because helping delegates to embrace the need for change helps to accelerate and embed a culture of compliance awareness and performance.

The members of our design factory understand this fundamental requirement in learning development and we can guarantee that our material is always thought-provoking, carefully considered and is provided to support a truly facilitated learning experience that will inspire delegates.

And just in case you needed any further assurance on this critical point, we have sought the independent assurance from the CPD Certification Service and the University of Gloucestershire to oversee our work.

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