Keep on top of trends in risk management and compliance with the Academy

It is critical for the leadership team and employees of a modern international firm to keep appraised of current and emerging risk and compliance trends. Keeping abreast of current and emerging trends is pivotal to ensuring:

  • Team development
  • Personal development
  • Optimum regulatory & compliance knowledge

To help our clients to meet this challenge, we provide regular cost-effective updates on developments that can be delivered through a range of medium, including face-to-face delivery (to groups or personalised sessions), recorded messages or webinars to live audiences. Some clients have already engaged the Academy to provide regular Newsletters that have been tailored to the needs of their business and which are used to support internal employee briefings.

Tailored sessions covering trends in risk management & compliance

The content for sessions can be tailored to include specific client needs and include jurisdiction updates, sector or product specific reviews or which provide a truly thematic international narrative. We make sure that you stay informed.

Visit our News Archive for topical information on subjects such as crime and terrorism, cash smuggling, the financing of terrorism and more.