Support for Regulatory Leadership

We provide support for those in a regulatory leadership role by enhancing knowledge on key topics such as risk awareness and management performance. Sometimes it is reassuring to receive external and independent assurance and insights on matters of importance.

Here at the Academy we pride ourselves on being able to provide key responsible officers with a discrete and personable service on a range of regulatory matters. The founding partners of the Academy have extensive experience in the regulatory leadership industry and have worked with a range of businesses throughout their careers. Our trainers’ previous roles include positions such as Head of Regulatory Advisory for KPMG in Japan. 


Enhance your performance in your regulatory leadership role with support from the Academy

Our principle officers offer one-to-one and one-to-group private support and guidance that can make an important difference to how firms manage and meet their regulatory and legal responsibilities. The services we offer can be an important enhancement to the existing framework of support that is already in place.

One area of particular competency for our team is in helping prospective approved persons to prepare for life as an authorised and accountable person. In the same way that a musician seeks private lessons to enhance their performance, risk and compliance professionals are increasing seeking help to continuously enhance their risk awareness and risk management performance.


Enhance your understanding of your subject with a certified learning course

The Academy offers a broad range of courses that cater to those in a senior role wishing to increase their current understanding of their subject. Our core areas of subject matter expertise include regulatory risk assessment, anti-money laundering, international and anti-bribery and corruption laws, international sanctions risks and more.

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