"The fictionalized images of organized crime are far from the truth. The reality is less Hollywood and far more about fluid organized criminal networks profiting from the sale of illegal goods wherever there is a demand. These international illegal markets are anonymous and more complex than ever and each year generate billions of dollars.” (UNODC: Transnational Organized Crime – The Globalized Illegal Economy).

International financial regulators, lawmakers and governments are working together to implement measures to deter, disrupt and detect these activities. It is essential that members of the regulated sector understand and comply with these regulatory and legal requirements to avoid the penalties that can be applied for personal and corporate failings.

In this course, we will look at some of the most important legal instruments and regulatory requirements, and review some of the very latest trends in criminal conduct and how firms are threatened by criminals and the financiers of terrorism.

Using case studies, exercises and learning from their peer group, delegates will be encouraged to develop a practical understanding on how to manage financial crime risks more effectively in the regulated sector whilst meeting personal and business responsibilities.

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Duration: 3-Hour (AM)


Date: TBC

Total Cost: £399

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