Data security training in the workplace doesn’t have to be dull 

The trailer below provides an exciting glimpse into Great Chatwell Academy of Learning’s (“GCAL”) virtual reality programme, that is designed to develop data security awareness in the workplace.

Great Chatwell Academy of Learning (“GCAL”), working with the University of Gloucestershire, has successfully developed a first-person virtual reality programme of experiential learning for use by both regulated and non-regulated, private and public businesses, covering the important subject of ‘Data Security in the Workplace’.

We believe that training and learning should be fun. That delegates learn more and retain more for longer when they have fun, when the learning is stimulating, and they are engaged.

No more ‘death by power point’ e-learning! No more having to caution and reprimand users who try to skip the slides and complete the test on the final slide to escape the whole experience. No more apologising to staff (yes, we know that happens)!

There is now a genuine alternative solution; a serious learning solution that engages the user in a familiar office environment, and that provides an end of session assessment that ensures that there is an appropriate level of meaning, rigour and measurable outcome to the gamification of learning covering data security risk management in the workplace.

We are very confident that this will provide a memorable experience; deliver the information that is required to be shared; and may even lead to your staff asking to enrol. Now that would be an achievement!

The trailer above has been shared with you to provide an insight into this experience and we are now inviting our existing partners, and partners that we have not yet met, to contact us to learn more about the opportunities that we are offering to license the use of the learning and supporting equipment. The solution can be ‘white-labelled’ to firms to support the ‘tailoring’ of the learning, and we’d be delighted to talk to you if you’d like to learn more about the programme and how it may fit within your blended programme of learning solutions.

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