The course is designed to support virtual assets (VA) enthusiasts and users, as well as risk professionals, including anti-money laundering professionals, to understand more about the development of VA and how to manage associated financial crime risks.

Delegates will be provided with the opportunity to learn more about the role of the regulated sector in fighting financial crime and preventing the financing of terrorism, and of the international laws and regulations that support these aims. We will look at some of the very latest international regulatory developments and guidance on how to manage financial crime risks relating to VA.

Using case studies, exercises and personal challenges, delegates will be encouraged to develop a practical understanding on how to manage VA risks and how to meet the personal and corporate responsibilities.

Course Overview and Expected Learning Outcomes

The course introduces the history of ‘money’ and the role of the regulated sector, before examining the modern-day sources of criminal revenue, including the very latest updates on emerging transnational organised crime risks.

Delegates will learn more about the very latest crime typologies that can be used to inform firm-specific FCC risk assessments and the very latest international money laundering legal and regulatory developments applicable to VC activity in some key financial markets such as Japan, Australia, USA, China, Russia and Europe.

A key learning outcome will be to review and understand more about how to conduct a financial crime risk assessment, perform customer due diligence and how to monitor relationships to manage and identify criminal activity in VC transactions. This includes reviewing some of the very latest VC due diligence monitoring techniques and software, training techniques and red flags indicators that can be provided to staff as part of the three-line defence model.

Keywords and Topic Areas

  • Virtual currency, blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency
  • Cross border financial crime risk and money laundering monitoring
  • VC links to money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, tax and other financial crime typologies
  • International legal and regulatory developments
  • VC technology solutions
  • Systems and controls framework and procedures to manage and mitigate financial VC crime risks

At the end of the course delegates will be provided with a certificate attesting to their attendance and participation. A certified course option is also available.

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