Advanced Certificate In Managing Virtual Currency And Financial Crime Risks (2019)

The course is designed to support risk professionals, anti-money laundering laundering professionals and VA industry practitioners in understanding more about the development of VA and how to manage associated financial crime risks.

Core learning is provided via a detailed course manual, with additional media providing further help and guidance on some of the course’s key learning points.

To confirm learning and understanding, all students are required to complete a timed one-hour online assessment made up of 25 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 80% and the format is open-book.

The course is delivered in association with the University of Gloucestershire, and students who are successful will be permitted to use the designation ‘AdvCertVC’ to confirm their qualification.

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This learning programme is eligible for continuous professional development (CPD) credits (30 points).

Learning Outcomes

This course will help students to:

  • Learn more about the history and development of finance and the international payment industry, including the internet and the comparatively recent introduction of VC.
  • Develop an enhanced understanding of what we mean by VC, how it works, and the internationally approved glossary that should be used when referencing this activity.
  • Provide an update on criminal aims and emerging crime and terrorist financing threats, including how criminals attempt to disguise their control and ownership of illicit finance using shell companies, nominee directors and by channelling funds through regulated and unregulated service providers.
  • Understand how VC can be used for illicit purposes and what international regulations have been introduced to meet the challenge of combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • Understand the framework of systems, controls and procedures that must be in place within a firm to manage and mitigate financial crime risks.
  • Review individual and firm-specific legal responsibilities to report their knowledge or suspicion that there has been an attempt to launder the proceeds of crime, or to finance terrorism.
  • Benefit from reviewing real case studies to demonstrate how VC firms, operators and individuals have used or attempted to use VC to support their criminal aims and objectives.

Assessment Methodology

Most students will be required to spend between 20 to 30 hours reading the course learning material before taking the online assessment. Once the reading has been completed, a sample of multiple choice questions is provided to enable each student to assess their readiness to complete the timed online assessment.

When you feel that you are ready, simply click on ‘final assessment’.  You will then have one hour to complete 25 prepared and randomised multiple-choice questions which are drawn from a much larger database of questions derived from the content of the course learning manual.

The assessment is open-book and so students may use any learning materials they possess to assist them in the assessment. The assessment is timed however, and once you have started it is not possible to pause or stop the clock.

The pass mark for this particular online financial crime course is 80%. If you are unsuccessful in the first instance, you will be permitted a maximum of two retakes.

Total Course Cost: £799

Payment Method: Stripe

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