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Here at the Academy, we provide high-quality compliance training and in-house event design, delivery & management. Our team have extensive international experience.
Our senior partners are considered by many to be some of the most outstanding international facilitative learning educators, who truly excel in the delivery of important information in the classroom, or by other non-face-to-face media.We recognise however that to ensure a more sustainable and economically sensible long-term solution within a business it is sometimes appropriate to grow and develop an internal delivery capability.

That is why our team will be delighted to work with you to support you to build your team organically. From time to time, you may also choose to seek our help and support in providing ongoing competency training to your existing team, to revitalise their performance and enhance their existing skills.

Upskilling Compliance Trainers: A Case Study:

Our principle partners were employed by a major tier-one international bank to lead in the recruitment, selection and upskilling of a global faculty of consultant risk and compliance trainers.

Over a period of more than two years, our team travelled to every continent of the world to meet and work with prospective trainers. Their role was to demonstrate the learning workshops to the prospective trainers, and then over three, four and up to five days, support and guide attendees to learn the programme, leading to a final assessment of performance to identify those who had the commensurate skills, knowledge and habits that met the requirements set by the client.

We understand the importance in providing clear, professional and skilled advice to other professionals, and our success can be measured by some of the testimonials that were provided by attendees on these courses:

“The depth of his technical knowledge on financial compliance topics was immediately apparent but what really impressed me was the quality of his teaching skills. I had considered myself an effective trainer up to that point, but his insights about my mannerisms, delivery style, tone of voice and changes in posture have refined me as a teacher in ways that I find invaluable. More importantly, the careful manner in which he delivers feedback makes it easy to accept, recognise and therefore to implement and continue to follow. I consider that diplomatic criticism style the “magic dust” of that training program.”

“There is never a doubt that, when you work with him in any capacity, you can have full confidence in his ownership of the program and his duty of care to the class participants. He sets a standard that is truly exceptional as he inspires and teaches others to meet that standard as well.”

We would be delighted to discuss your needs and how we might create a bespoke solution for you.

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