SME - Financial Crime Compliance


Financial Crime Compliance


International financial regulators, lawmakers and governments are working together to implement measures to deter, disrupt and detect these activities. It is essential that members of the regulated sector understand and comply with these regulatory and legal requirements to avoid the penalties that can be applied for personal and corporate failings.


Tax Evasion

The topic is designed to provide delegates with an enhanced understanding of the background to the new UK laws concerning the criminal facilitation of tax evasion and what firms must do to protect themselves from the new corporate offence of failing to implement ‘reasonable’ procedures to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion by employees and ‘associates’. (Please note: the course is not designed to provide a detailed examination of tax offences or accounting practices).

Managing Sanctions

Sanctions can be used to support a wide range of outcomes including to suppress the financing and supply of terrorism; protect human rights; block trade as part of economic constraints; disrupt the development of weapons of mass disruption including nuclear proliferation; and are used to designate natural persons and legal entities that may be criminal or are supporting activity that is considered by the body to be unacceptable.

Competition Law

Trade Based Money Laundering

The regulated sector provides critical support to enable the free flow of goods, services, technology and funds from old and emerging markets. Unfortunately, the significant and global flows of funds and goods between international trade partners offers lucrative opportunities for criminally collusive criminals to move value between themselves.

Capital Markets

Blockchain and virtual assets risk management

This topic is designed to support virtual assets (VA) enthusiasts and users, as well as risk professionals, including anti-money laundering professionals, to understand more about the development of VA and how to manage associated financial crime risks.

Forensic Customer Due Diligence in the Digital World

Great Chatwell Academy of Learning have developed a ground-breaking, innovative and accredited course to address the challenges associated with performing customer due diligence (CDD) in the modern digital world.

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